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  • What is the timeline for completing the Lincoln Beach Redevelopment Master Plan?
    The Master Planning process began in fall 2023 and will last through 2024. At the end of 2024 when the Master Planning Team is wrapping up the initial holistic site design that is grounded in the community's vision, the design firm Sasaki, will get into more of the details for walking path materials, utilities, infrastructure and permitting. They will also determine how these improvements connect to different funding streams and the long-term operations and maintenance of the site over time. After the Master Planning process, there will a break down into phases of implementation that are connected to funding. It’s most likely that Lincoln Beach will be re-developed in phases as funding is available. This will enable the holistic vision plan that will guide any future improvements from that point moving forward. This document will be used to guide future decision making.
  • What is the current schedule for reopening the redeveloped Lincoln Beach site to the public?
    At this time, we do not fully know the exact extent of new programming that will result from the Master Planning process, which will impact the construction duration. However, the completion of the first phase of construction from the master plan is anticipated in 2028. In addition, the City is working on a quick open plan that will fix some of the dangerous issues on site and allow people to access the property while final design of the remaining redevelopment continues. This is intended to happen in late 2024 or 2025 pending permitting processes.
  • What work is expected to happen on the site in 2024?
    Soil borings are expected to begin onsite in February 2024. Soil borings are soil samples used to perform geological and cultural resource investigations to determine the condition of the existing drainage tunnels and determine if any additional precautions need to occur prior to future excavations onsite.
  • What role does the community's vision for Lincoln Beach's revitalization have in the development of the Master Plan for the Beach?
    We are not starting from scratch; all previous plans for Lincoln Beach will be referenced during the master planning process. Most recently, the Community Vision Plan created by New Orleans for Lincoln Beach, which was used to guide the request for proposals for the Master Planning, will be incorporated into our process. We will build upon this work and not duplicate it.
  • How will the City keep the community engaged and informed throughout the Lincoln Beach Project's planning and development process?
    Our inclusive master planning process is community driven. We will engage the broader community of New Orleans all along the way, including deep engagement with the City’s leadership, key stakeholders, and the broader community.
  • What is the "Quick-Open" plan?
    The "Quick-Open" plan will establish the basic infrastructure needed to allow for the redevelopment of Lincoln Beach and enable the vision of the Redevelopment Master Plan. This includes the parking lot, pedestrian crossing at Hayne Blvd, tunnel rehabilitation and associated drainage improvements, brick wall repair, and shoreline and structural rehabilitation. Another goal for these improvements is to make the site safe. The exact timeline and phasing of construction for these improvements is still being determined. A comprehensive phasing plan will be considered during the Master Planning process that will look into how these improvements are phased over time in relation to other work.
  • What are the plans for the existing Lincoln Beach parking lot? Has the City undertaken measures to sell any segment of the existing parking lot?
    No, the City is not making plans to sell portions of the parking lot. The design of the parking lot is still in progress which includes two acres of parking. The master planning process is looking for input from residents related to what the community vision is for the other eight acres of the existing parking lot.
  • What is the status of the proposed bridge above Hayne Blvd and the railroad tracks to the Lincoln Beach site?
    The City and Design teams are currently exploring the construction of a pedestrian bridge that would connect the parking lot side of the property south of Hayne Blvd to the Lake side of Lincoln Beach. We are working through numerous issues around long term access, safety, and operations and the community will have multiple opportunities to provide input on the location, design, and functionality of all elements of the project, including a potential pedestrian bridge. The reason this feature is being explored is that it would provide the safest and most equitable access to the site and would allow for a much less expensive utility connection to the property resulting in more money to be spent on other program elements that the community has requested.
  • What is the long-term traffic plan for Hayne Blvd at the site of Lincoln Beach?
    Part of the Quick Open plan is a pedestrian crossing at Hayne Boulevard that aligns with the flood gate and tunnels. The La. Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is currently working traffic study of Hayne Blvd from the Industrial Canal to Paris Rd. Additionally, the DOTD and City are in the earlier phases of transferring this roadway Hayne from DOTD to the City.
  • What is the status of the City Council's resolution to change Hayne Blvd to Lincoln Beach Blvd?
    This proposal was approved by the City Planning Commission but is awaiting Council Action and timing before being adopted.
  • Have any amendments been made to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) text or zoning maps for the Lincoln Beach lots of record (site)?
    Both City-owned Lincoln Beach parcels are being updated via a change to the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) to allow their future desired uses. The parcel on the flood side is being updated to be an open space or beach. The parking lot is being updated to be Mixed-Use Medium Density which will allow the 10-acre parking lot site to become a Farmers Market, as desired by residents. The long-term vision of remaining eight acres of the existing parking lot parcel will be determined through community participation in the master planning process.
  • Is the site currently open?
    No. Access to the Lincoln Beach site is still prohibited due to unsafe conditions. The tunnel is currently fenced and filled with water and wildlife including alligators and venomous snakes.
  • What are the safety and security plans for Lincoln Beach during and post redevelopment?
    During construction, access to Lincoln Beach will be strictly prohibited by the construction contractor. Post construction, and after operating hours, access also will be limited. Please avoid unnecessary risk to you, your family and first responders by avoiding unauthorized access to Lincoln Beach.
  • Will there be any public access to the Beach during project development?
    Lincoln Beach is not currently open to the public. The project team is working towards a Quick Open Plan which would allow temporary access to the beach however, when construction activities begin there will be periods of time when the site is off-limits due to safety issues related to heavy equipment. We are working with Sasaki to contemplate the most logical and streamlined implementation process that shortens the duration and number of times that the site may be closed.
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