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Public Milestone Meeting 1:

Understanding the Community’s Vision

The first Public Meeting held on January 23, 2024, introduced and welcomed the community to the current Lincoln Beach Redevelopment process. This aspirational meeting helped craft the project goals and guiding principles that will be defined during the initial set of interviews, inventory, and analysis mapping. It also serves to clarify the Master Planning Process. 

The slideshow, engagement activity sheets, and public input survey below replicate the presentation and the breakout group activity during Public Milestone Meeting #1.   


If you were unable to attend the meeting in person or participate in the group breakout, your input is warranted, welcomed, and valued. 

Please take a moment to review the video recording of the Public Milestone Meeting #1 presentation and the engagement activity sheets to help you respond to the survey.  

Kick-Off overview

First page Sasaki.jpg
Image by Alexander Shatov
PowerPoint Presentation 1st page.jpg

SASAKI Presentation for Lincoln Beach Redevelopment Master Plan –
LB CAC Meeting December 13, 2023.

Lincoln Beach Redevelopment -  LB CAC Meeting Video – LB CAC Meeting December 13, 2023.

Digital Engineering Presentation Update on Lincoln Beach Infrastructure Improvements- CAC Meeting December 13, 2023.

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